I held my baby boy one last time five months ago. To live in this reality is an utter nightmare. When the pain fells unbearable, I like to remember how my family and friends provide love and support. This love makes the pain a little more bearable.

My family and friends have acted like my angels on earth. My words can’t express enough for what they done for me. Their love in action may seem simple but the truth is these actions have made such a huge impact. For this I must say:

Thank you…

For being there in the worst moment of my husband and my lives.

For coming over two days later even though I could barely get out of bed.

For going with me to pick out his flowers for the memorial and then arriving early to set up for the service.

For being at his memorial service and listening to my rambling story.

For dropping everything to be with me when the thought of being alone was terrifying.

For bringing us food that lasted weeks.

For sending cards, emails and text messages checking in on me.

For chatting on the phone and over video for hours.

For taking me out to lunch and then wine tasting.

For having me over for pumpkin bread and coffee.

For binge watching re-runs of shows that were considered ‘safe’.  

For driving around aimlessly with me to talk, or cry in silence.

For playing endless rounds of Skip-Bo with me.

For going on walks with me.

For going to watch the eagles with me.

For lending me your heart to cry to.

For crying with me so I didn’t feel alone.

For making me the sugariest treat after hours of crying.

For helping me keep my son’s memory alive by reading and sharing my blog posts.

For working on the design for my website’s logo.

For drawing a picture of my son for my website because sharing his ‘real’ picture(s) hurts too much.

For hand drawing pictures for a blog post.  

For saying what you feel in your heart.

For listening to me tell stories about my son, ones I have already told a dozen times. These stories are all I have and all I will ever have.

For loving me when I am not really me.

This unconditional love has gotten me through some pretty dark moments.

To my family and friends who are with me on this journey called grief, I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  

Because of you I have been able to start living life a little more each day.  

6 thoughts on “Unconditional Love”

  1. Mallory I love this venue! I too am feeling a little stronger every day, but knowing that you are starting to be you again is the most important thing to me. I hope you know that you can call me anytime to talk or maybe just to vent, maybe I need to do that as well.

    Love Dad

  2. Thank you Mallory for sharing that painful time with me. I’m happy you are slowly adjusting. Susan x

  3. Mallory, I want you to know that you are one of my most precious treasures here on earth. I will always be here for you any time day or night…don’t ever forget that…remember…always and forever!

    It absolutely shatters my heart to have witnessed the tragic nightmare that you and Albert have lived through these past five months. The loss you have had to endure is one that no parent should have to bear. I have seen you grieving at your worst times and been there for your little triumphs of making it through the hours, days, weeks, and now five months. The darkness and emptiness you are living through is a daily battle that you are surviving because of the unconditional love you have for your son, Theodore! Your blog is a beautiful tribute to honor your little boy’s time here on earth. No matter how short it was, he left quite a footprint on your heart and that will never ever fade. ???

    With that all being said… it is most wonderful to hear your touching stories about EACH and EVERY moment with family members, near & dear friends, and even strangers that have helped you through this grieving loss. You truly have some awesome people looking out for you and I am glad that you are embracing all of them. You are truly loved by so many. And as your mother, i can tell you that it truly warms my heart to pieces to hear and see all the love surrounding you.

    “I personally, would like to thank each and every one of you that have been there for Mallory in one way or the other. It is because of all of you sharing your love, time, talent, cards & notes, tears, smiles, and encouraging words that my daughter has been able to break through some of the most toughest moments and months of her life. Mallory is so blessed to have each and every one of you in her life. THANK YOU hardly seems enough…“ ❤️

    With unconditional love, Mom ?

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