I Carry Your Heart In Mine was created to honor and remember a beautiful baby boy who was taken from his parents way to soon. It is a place to read and discuss openly and honestly the painful effects the loss of a child has on a family. This site is a place for healing and community during a time that can feel unbearable. Hopefully, you will find comfort in knowing you are not alone; the author of the posts feels your pain and sits with you silently as you cry.

Albert and Mallory Kon welcomed their first child, Theodore Edward (Tek as Mallory called him) on January 28, 2020. At 6 days old Theodore was diagnosed with an infection called NEC. He was unable to overcome the infection and passed away in Mallory’s arms on February 8th. The Kons were able to have 10 short amazing days with their perfect baby boy. Mallory has a strong desire to connect with other loss moms who want nothing more than to remember the child they love.

To Theodore –

You were conceived in love,

You were born in love,

You will always be loved.