My sweet Tek,

Mommy wants to tell you a story.

Theodore, you would have found out that Mommy loves to reminisce and this memory is by far one of my favorites.  I had plans to tell you this story through the years; funny noises and all.

I could hear you as a teenager saying: “Moooommm, I know, you have told me this a thousand times.”

I would reply with a laugh: “No, I have not, now before you get the car keys you have to listen.” As I told you the story for the 17th time; you mockingly repeating certain parts.

Finding out we were pregnant with you will always be one of my favorite memories. Becoming your mommy was all I ever dreamed of.

My love will live here, until we meet again.

Love, Mommy

A special thanks to my sister and nephew for the illustrations.

3 thoughts on “Story Time”

  1. Mallory, reminiscing your exciting news about the day you found out you were a mommy-to-be is precious moments for both you & Albert! You are quite the storyteller! I love hearing your excitement telling Theodore about the news! The artistic illustrations are very tale-telling and fit the story perfectly!

    You have shared a special part of your heart with all of us today. Such a treasure to enjoy reading over & over again. I know I will and it will never get old for me!

    I know your little angel TEK has such a huge smiley face right now. He is so proud of his mommy and sending you kisses and hugs from heaven above! ???

    With unconditional love always, Mom ?

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