I am writing this post as tears roll down my face. Despite the tears falling, I am feeling strong.

These past few months, I have struggled with the idea of looking at, let alone, sharing pictures of Theodore.

Early this morning, for some reason I felt different.

I felt the urge to go into the album labeled Theo (what I thought we would call him for short) on my phone.

I felt a strong desire to relive every moment I spent with my son.

I wanted to remember what I felt when the nurse placed him in my arms for those short few minutes after giving birth.  

I wanted to remember how smooth his skin was and how soft his hair felt under my fingers when I would gently rub his head.

I wanted to remember his eyes and how much he already looked like his daddy.

I wanted to remember the happiness I felt to be his mother.

Did doing this make me sad? Yes.

Did I cry hard gut wrenching sobs? You bet.

But you know what, I am ok with that.

As I looked at his pictures and EVEN watched a video!! I felt so much love for him that I welcomed the pain.

The tears that fell this morning, the tears falling now and the tears that will fall in the days to come, are tears of pure motherly love.

An emotion that only a mother can truly feel and I am that, his mother.

So on this day, while I am feeling strong, I would love to properly introduce:

Theodore Edward Kon – my Tek

To Theodore:

You were conceived in love,

You were born in love,

You will ALWAYS be loved.

2 thoughts on “Pure Motherly Love”

  1. Mallory, as I am reading this tears are rolling down my face too! I know that you have been struggling with even the thought of looking at Theodore’s photos and videos, let alone share them for the world to see. I hate to repeat the same words we keep hearing, but they do say time heals and you will gain the strength to face these fears when you are ready. Apparently this time for you is now…

    It is a true blessing indeed for you, dad and your son Theodore as you release these precious “never-seen-before” photos for everyone to appreciate. They certainly capture the pure joys of parenthood and your precious little one Theodore Edward, lovingly nicknamed by you “TEK”.

    As you are feeling stronger and ready to share your son with these beautiful photos we are also experiencing the celebration of Theodore’s birth all over again with you. Your motherly bond and love for TEK is undeniable as you reminisce some of the glorious moments you shared with him. I believe he is watching over you and sending butterfly kisses, hugs and love right now! ???

    Mallory, thanks for sharing these beautiful memories and photos of my grandson. You know they are in my “grandma’s little brag book” all ready to show off…our special angel above.

    With unconditional love, Mom ?

  2. Oh my goodness, Mallory!  He is simply gorgeous!  Look at all that hair!  Hello, Tek!  It’s so nice to see your beautiful face!  Thank you for sharing him with us!

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