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2 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. Mallory, I absolutely love how you have chosen to honor TEK in such a beautiful way. I think it makes absolute perfect sense to believe that the close bonds you are developing with your new loss moms is also creating harmony with their special little angels above and your little guy.

    Creating this space for TEK’s friends is such a unique way to honor their mommies too! I am so thankful that you are creating such special bonds with other loss moms. And as you already mentioned, I also truly believe that these relationships are the threads that are helping you cope with the reality of losing your baby boy. For it is only those that walk in your shoes who can truly understand the depth and intense pain of your grief.

    It comforts me me and brings me immense joy to think that my precious grandson is in heaven among all the other little angelic friends you are hand picking for him. I can just imagine him frolicking in the clouds and stars up above having playgroups galore with all the other beautiful spirits. What a glorious sight for sure! ???

    With unconditional love, Mom ?

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