Theodore – Mommy’s first Mother’s Day is coming up soon and in my dreams this is how the day would go:

We wake up to sunshine and the beautiful sound of you crying.

As I get you ready for the day – feed you, change you and put you in a cute I Love Mommy onesie, daddy is downstairs cooking a big pancake breakfast.  When we get downstairs, daddy takes you from me so I can sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee and my pancakes.

In the early afternoon, you and I take a nap together because it’s Mother’s Day and I don’t want to spend a second not with you. Later in the afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa come over to celebrate their youngest daughter’s first Mother’s Day. I give you to Grandma and she hogs you the rest of the afternoon, spoiling you with kisses and hugs.  

At the end of the night, I rock you to sleep while singing your song: Skinnamarink a dink a dink, Skinnamarink a doo. Skinnamarink a dink a dink, Skinnamarink a doo, I love you. I love you in the morning. And in the afternoon. I love you in the evening. And underneath the moon. Skinnamarink a dink a dink, Skinnamarink a doo, I love you!

Once you are completely asleep, I place you in your crib, kiss you on the forehead and whisper “Thank you for the Best Mother’s Day Ever!”.

Tek, you may not be here physically to celebrate with me but I promise to carry your heart in mine forever and ever. You have shown me how powerful a mother’s love truly is and that is a gift I will cherish for a lifetime.  



5 thoughts on “My Dream Mother’s Day”

  1. Beautiful. That does sound like the perfect Mother’s Day. Your love for Tek will be with you the whole day.

  2. Mallory, Your Mother’s Day dream wish is pure poetry spoken from the heart. I love how you paint such a vivid picture of this dream day for us as you are honored on your very first Mother’s Day. BTW, I love how grandma hogs him for the day and spoils him with hugs and kisses…that would be me for sure! LOL
    This journal entry brings joyous tears to my eyes as you get to embrace how powerful and truly a mother’s love is. In your own words “a gift I will cherish for a lifetime”…me too! Know that your angel TEK is blessing you, mommy, with hugs & kisses galore today on your first Mother’s day!
    With unconditional love, Mom

  3. I know TEK will be showering you with kisses from Heaven tomorrow. Love you <3

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