I don’t have anything else to say today on International Bereaved Mother’s Day other than: 

I would do it all over again. 

All of it – carrying my son, the health risks (cholestasis and preeclampsia), labor, birth (I loved giving birth – What a rush!), the 6 days we had with him healthy, the 4 days when things were so unknown, and his death. 

Theodore Edward, my “Tek”, was everything we ever dreamed of. He will forever be our perfect boy who we love so much. 

I carry the kind of  love only a mommy can feel along with the pain.  And when I get overcome with grief I sit with it like an old friend. 

I didn’t ever think I would become a Bereaved Mother but that’s who I am. My hope is to make my son proud by wearing this title with strength. 

Theodore- my love for you will live here, until I can meet you there.

My heart is with all my loss mom friends today and everyday! Xoxo 

This article was written by mallory