I spent a week vacationing from grief.

I made a conscious effort to put my happiness and my husband’s happiness over the pain I feel every day. 

This past vacation was one of the best vacations my husband and I have had. We connected on a new level. One where we shared an unspoken understanding that we can feel pain and happiness at the same time with happiness coming out on top.

I love this man more than words could ever express. I am beyond blessed to call him my husband and Theodore’s daddy.

My Beautiful Broken Shell

One Saturday as I was working my volunteer shift at Beautiful U Resale Shop I found this book, “My Beautiful Broken Shell”. It was on a top shelf I could barely reach. After I pulled it down I read the first few pages which really spoke to me.  Knowing I was going on vacation I bought it to take pictures of those pages on the beach.

While at the beach, I met a woman who had breast cancer in both breasts. She shared with me her story and how in 2016 she had a double mastectomy. Her and I spoke about the “trials of life” and when we parted ways (after giving each other a hug) I gave her my book. I told her I connected with a few pages and hoped she’d feel the same. 

This article was written by mallory