This is a continuance post: To bring our precious babies into the New Year with us the Lucky Anchor Project did a 10-day photo challenge on the social media platform, Instagram. My next few blog posts will have the photos and stories I shared in the challenge.

#lapnewyearchallenge2021 #7 – Family Photo 

For this challenge I chose to share a collage of pictures of Tek with his grandparents and his Auntie Ashlee. 

It is heartbreaking that these are the only pictures we will have. It is even more heartbreaking that other family members and friends didn’t get to meet our son. 

When I was induced I hadn’t had my baby shower yet, that was planned for February 8th.  Because of this we kept his birth a secret, I was so excited to walk into his baby shower and announce he is HERE! Instead on February 8th, everyone received a text message to the affect of “at 3:30 this morning Theodore Edward passed away in Mallory’s arms.” 

It destroys me to think that we didn’t officially celebrate Tek being born or even celebrate him in my belly. No balloons at the hospital, no visitors coming in and out, no text messages from everyone we knew and loved. By the time we told everyone else about his arrival we were begging for prayers because his situation wasn’t looking good. 

So because of that one decision I will only ever have these 4 family members in pictures with our son. These 4 pictures I will cherish forever. 

Top: Mallory’s Mom, Mallory’s Dad Bottom: Albert’s Dad, Mallory’s Sister

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