I had to stop in the middle of the street the other day because a mama duck with multiple little ducklings was just standing on the pavement.

I sat in my car watching her go back and forth, back and forth wondering what she was doing.

Then I saw it – she was panicking because one of her babies was on the grass, not on the pavement with her and it’s siblings. 

This little mama duck was pacing frantically, most likely praying with all her being, for her baby on the grass to join them.

As the little one finally jumped off the curb and onto the pavement to join it’s family I could see how relieved the mama was in the way she waddled away.

As I watched the happy little mama finish crossing the street it hit me, hard… I was so jealous of this mama duck.

I was so jealous that this mama duck made it safely across the street to the pond – where daddy duck was probably waiting – with all babies in tow. 

Why couldn’t I make it safely to the pond with my little duck in tow!?!

This article was written by mallory