Tek! It’s your birthday! One of my all time favorite days of the year! Bringing you into this world will always be a cherished memory of mine. I love thinking about holding you and looking at your face. I laugh when I think about how all I could think to say was “Hi” as I held you for the first time. I remember telling your daddy right after saying hi “I want to do that again”. Four years later, I still wish I could go back to that morning and give birth to you again. Time has only made that wish grow stronger. I would do everything all over again just to be able to hold you. Even with the same outcome. Bringing you into this world will always be a happy memory for me. You are my son and not physically being here doesn’t change that. I will mother you from down here the best way I can. 

Today, we are celebrating your birthday with brunch and a Roar! Party like a Dinosaur theme. Of course there are balloons!! I did something different this year and got huge air filled ones. They are really cool!!! Your little sister can’t stop saying WOW! when she looks at them. 

The cake is amazing and just what I pictured when I placed the order. I told the bakery to have fun with it. I love how creative they got! 

For your birthday I ordered a personalized book called: Theodore and Caroline in the Land of Dinosaurs. What a cute book. I love to think about reading to your sister as she gets older and her imagining adventures with you. The book is a perfect story about an older brother on an adventure with his little sister. 

This past year you have sent some amazing smileys to say Hi. You have gotten so creative with where you place them. I feel so close to you when I see them. Please don’t stop! 

As always I want to tell you: 

Skinnamarinky dinky dink skinnamarinky doo, I love you, I love you in the morning and in the afternoon. I love you in the evening and underneath the moon. Skinnamarinky dinky dink skinnamarinky do, I love you.

Happy Birthday, Theodore! 

Love – Mommy

Party Like a Dinosaur!

Celebrating Theodore makes me happy! Today was perfect with brunch catered from Cracker Barrel, a yummy dinosaur cake from Jewel, awesome dinosaur toys from family and lastly a quick trip to my peaceful place -Tek’s tree. 

I love my family for coming to celebrate with us. Some may think throwing a little birthday party is a strange thing to do but grief is love with no place to go. That love should be remembered and celebrated. 

Tek, I hope you had fun in God’s playground with all your friends and our family who are with you. We sure had fun down here remembering you. We love you!

This article was written by mallory