Oh how I miss her!

Oh how I miss him!

Look at those SMILES!

OH but more than anything I miss the precious soul growing inside me.

I regret every complaining about how uncomfortable I was.

I regret hating the last month of my pregnancy.

I want to go back to this day; one month before welcoming Theodore into this world.

Bring me back to having him kick me in my right rib.

Bring me back to having all sorts of uncomfortable that I couldn’t explain.

Bring me back so I can do it again.

Bring me back to the person in this picture.

Excited about the hockey neon light that was a white elephant gift.

Excited that the gift wasn’t horrible because she had a little boy on the way.

Excited that her and her husband would finally be a family of three.

Please I am begging, please bring me back.